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Now, more than ever, we need an organization, led by working people, for working people.

“When I first arrived to NMASS I saw that there was strong support for workers. Mexican workers doing lawsuits, pickets, winning their checks [for stolen wages]. Black Americans , Hispanics and whites working against displacement. Home attendants like me fighting for pay for all of the 24-hours we work, and for the right not to be forced to work 24 hours…So many different workers-we meet and we learn together. NMASS brings us together to fight for our rights, to make changes.” – Catalina, NMASS member

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Victoria para los asistentes domésticos

El miércoles, 20 de septiembre, más de un centenar de asistentes domésticos y otros trabajadores celebraron una importante victoria. El tribunal más alto del Estado de Nueva York tomó tres decisiones que deja en claro que estas agencias deben pagar TODAS las horas en un turno de 24 horas.

Esta decisión ayudará a cientos de miles de asistentes domésticos en todo el Estado de Nueva York a recobrar años de salarios robados.

“Continuaremos luchando y estamos llamando a todos los asistentes domésticos a unirse con nosotros y exigir el pago de todas las 24 horas trabajadas y parar las horas extras obligatorias.” – Alvaro Ramírez, asistente doméstico y miembro de NMASS

Si trabaja como asistente doméstico y tiene problemas en el trabajo, llámenos al 212-358-0295.

Over One Hundred Home Attendants Celebrate Victory

Over a hundred home attendants from various NYC home care agencies and dozens of supporters convened at a workers’ center in Lower Manhattan Wednesday to celebrate several precedent-setting decisions issued in the past few weeks by the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division.  The decisions* make the law clear:  it is illegal for employers to pay only 12 hours for 24-hour shifts.


Press Conference and Celebration: Home Attendants Win Right to Demand 24 hours pay for 24 hours Worked

Wednesday, 9/20, 3:00pm
Chinese Staff and Workers Association, 345 Grand Street between Ludlow and Essex
From the Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign:
Within the last month, the New York State Appellate court issued precedent-setting decisions in three cases, making the law clear:  it is illegal for employers to pay only 12 hours for the 24 hour shifts worked by many home attendants.
Home attendants from Chinese Planning Council (CPC) and First Chinese Presbyterian (FCP) have been fighting against their employers to recover stolen wages.
Home attendants in these cases were forced by employers to work grueling 24 hour shifts, and were only paid for 12 hours of work. When workers went to their union, 1199 SEIU, to complain, the union not only ignored them, but went as far as to help the employers by signing a new collective bargaining agreement that prevents the workers from having their day in court. Home attendants never gave up–instead they reached out to workers from other cases to continue fighting.
Join us, together with home attendants from many different agencies this Wednesday afternoon to announce and celebrate this important victory for home attendants across New York State! 
Together, we will urge thousands of other home care workers to come forward to assert their rights and demand that these agencies and insurance companies immediately stop their illegal practices and right their wrongs by compensating the workers for all lost wages now.
To learn more, contact the Ain’t I a Woman Campaign c/o NMASS (English, Spanish, French) at 212-358- 0295 and c/o CSWA (Chinese) at 212-334- 2333.

Time for Chin and de Blasio to Step Down!



No matter who is elected this fall, our community must join together and hold our City Council member accountable to us. Many of us in the Lower East Side and Chinatown are struggling. Right now we have a chance to protect our community—our homes, jobs, gardens—from being destroyed and taken over by high-rise condos and hotels.

 The Chinatown Working Group Rezoning Plan was created by a coalition of 60 groups including Community Boards 1, 2, and 3 to protect the Lower East Side and Chinatown from displacement and over-development. All four City Council candidates in District 1 say they support the CWG Plan. Is any candidate willing to take on Mayor de Blasio and the developers to pass this community-led plan?   (more…)


Thursday, 8/10, 3:30 p.m., in front of 250 Broadway Press Conference and Rally

Council Member Margaret Chin is spreading more lies to cover up her collusion with luxury developers to help them get rich, destroying Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Because of Chin’s wrongdoings, residents are getting evicted, and public housing is falling apart or privatized, small businesses are forced to shut down. We join this press conference and rally organized by 83-85 Bowery residents who are fighting against their slumlord, luxury developers, and Chin who is colluding with these developers to steal our community right out from under us!   (more…)

Post to Pass SWEAT!

We need your help to pass the SWEAT Bill!

What you can do:

1. Call Leader Flanagan (518) 455-2071 and Leader Klein (518) 455-3595 and urge them to support SWEAT, S579 to get on the floor for a vote. Here’s what you can say:
“I am a NYS resident and I (state your connection to the issue of wage theft). I am calling to ask Senator [Name] to put S579, Securing Wages Earned Against Theft (“SWEAT”), on the floor for a vote before the session ends. This bill will strengthen the existing law to protect businesses from unfair competition and help workers collect stolen wages. Wage theft is rampant in New York but exploitative employers too often hide or transfer their assets so even when workers or the Department of Labor win a court-awarded judgment, they are often unable to collect the money owed to them. This bill will help reward hard work and level the playing field for honest businesses.”


2. Share the photo on Twitter and Facebook! Suggested text for Twitter: @LeaderFlanagan @JeffKleinNY Pass SWEAT in the Senate to help workers like these! #StopWageTheft #PassTheSWEATbill
Suggested text for Facebook: Wage theft like this happens way too often in New York state. The SWEAT bill will help workers collect the wages they have earned. It’s time to pass the bill in the Senate! Visit for more information. #StopWageTheft #PassTheSWEATBil



Post to Pass SWEAT!

Help us get the SWEAT Bill passed by sharing this photo on Twitter and Facebook!


@JohnBonacic @LeaderFlanagan @JeffKleinNY Pass SWEAT in the Senate to help workers and good businesses! #StopWageTheft #PassTheSWEATbill


Wage theft like this happens way too often in New York state. The SWEAT bill will help workers collect the wages they have earned. Urge your Senator to pass the SWEAT bill! Visit for more information. #StopWageTheft #PassTheSWEATBill