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NMASS is currently involved in a number of growing coalitions:

SWEAT! Securing Wages Earned Against Theft

SWEAT is a growing group of grassroots organizations, workers centers, legal service providers and advocates fighting to ensure that New York workers are able to recover the wages they are owed by employers.

NMASS helped to launch the SWEAT Coalition because of what we were coming up against every day in our organizing work–the weakness of the laws that allowed employers to flout the labor law with impunity, avoiding responsibility even when workers spoke out for their rights.

More and more workers are getting cheated of our wages. We’re not getting the minimum wage, or overtime pay, or wages for all the hours that we work. Some estimate that $1 billion a year is stolen from workers in New York City alone. Employers are using many tricks to cheat workers out of our pay. Once workers go to the Department of Labor or file lawsuits, employers are shutting down their businesses (only to reopen under another name), “selling” their homes to family members, filing for bankruptcy and emptying their bank accounts. By the time workers win a settlement agreement or court judgment, employers have hidden all their assets and plead poverty.

Working with SWEAT, in June 2013, Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal introduced State Assembly Bill No. 8045 that will greatly improve workers’ ability to secure stolen wages. 

Learn more and get involved below:

What is SWEAT and how can I support?

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The Coalition for a Real Minimum-Wage Increase is made up of the Chinese Staff & Workers Association, Community Development Project – Urban Justice Center, Flushing Workers Center, Hunger Action Network, National Mobilization Against SweatShops and our allies. We urge Gov. Cuomo to right his wrongs in his new minimum-wage law by acting now to:

* Increase the minimum wage of tipped workers
* Enforce and strengthen the labor law regarding minimum wage
* Repeal his bill’s subsidies for corporations which pits younger against older workers
* Increase the minimum wage to at least $10 in the coming year (indexed to inflation)

Coalition Urging Responsible Biking (CURB):

Since the city government passed a law to ban electric bicycles (E-bikes), many businesses in NYC have suffered, particularly those in midtown and downtown. Workers have also been directly affected and have bore the brunt of this ban, garnering a lot of attention from the public.

For a long time, delivery workers have done extremely dangerous work. They are often robbed and suffer higher rates of traffic accidents than others. They provide a very good and helpful service of people of NYC. They earn little money to feed their families. These workers go to work when the sun rises and continue to work long after the sun sets.Many times, they labor more than 10 hours a day.

Traffic safety is very important for the general public as well as for workers. What we need from the city is concern and enforcement of traffic regulations and to provide more education and information, not a ban on E-bikes that attacks the elderly, workers and environmentalists who use them. Now, we band together for business, for jobs, for safety, for health and for the good of the general public. We are asking businesses and individuals to sign a petition to the city government.

We call on people to join together and demand a repeal on the E-bike ban law that suppresses businesses and punishes the workers in order for us to better develop the NYC economy. If you are a delivery worker, register with us as soon as possible. Bring your tickets if you have received them for using E-bikes. Come together to discuss how we can address this problem.

Sign the petition below!

Business Owners’ Petition

Delivery Worker’s Petition