Bankrupt Domino’s Franchisee in New York To Pay $1.2 Million to 61 Pizza Deliverers

From Daily Labor Report: “The district court allowed Legal Aid to include corporate Domino’s, the franchisor, as a defendant based on the workers’ allegations that corporate Domino’s was involved in training local store owners, maintaining payroll data, and establishing policies that governed the workers’ working conditions, the Legal Aid Society statement said.”


LES & Chinatown Not For Sale Committee to de Blasio: Heed Supreme Court Decision on NYU Expansion

From our friends: The LES/Chinatown Not For Sale Committee press conference on Thursday, February 13th, on Delancey and Norfolk St. The committee applauds the NYS Supreme Court decision to block NYU from using public land to expand its campus. They call on De Blasio to ensure that any new development on public land is accountable to the needs of the Lower East Side and Chinatown community.


Saturday, 1/18, NMASS New Year Party

Let’s start the New Year celebrating our successes in 2013 and coming together for new victories in 2014!

**Bring your family and friends**

**Bring a dish or drink to share**

**We welcome donations**

Saturday January 18, 6pm-10pm

345 Grand St. Lower East Side. Train F to Delancey, D to Grand St.

For more info, call us at (212) 358-0295

Dec. 16 & 17: Call Gov. Cuomo and tell him we need a real min-wage increase NOW!

Cuomo’s Minimum-Wage Leaves Workers Out in the Cold

On December 31, 2013, some New Yorkers’ wages will go up to a measly $8/hour. But hundreds of thousands of tipped workers will be left out. Plus, NYS will begin giving tax subsidies to corporations like Walmart for hiring young workers, putting older workers at risk, and costing taxpayers up to $440 million over the next few years.


Dear Friend, please support our work in the coming year

We are finally approaching the end of the Bloomberg era in New York City! As Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio promises to change what he calls the “inequality crisis” in New York City, we hope you will join us in making sure that New York leads the country in putting the interests of working people and their families as top priority, and help to support our work with a contribution.

At a time when workers across the board are struggling while corporate profits soar, we see that it is not enough to advocate for small reforms for small sectors of workers. At NMASS we are committed to bringing workers together to address the systemic problems that give rise to laws and policies that promote the robbing of the poor to feed the rich.

Highlights from 2013 and Moving Forward in 2014!

 Holding Corporations Accountable for SweatShop Conditions

  • We successfully organized 63 Domino’s Pizza bicycle delivery workers with other workers and community supporters to hold the top entity, Domino’s Corporation, responsible for failing to pay minimum wage and overtime pay. After a groundbreaking victory in which two Federal judges found that Domino’s Corp. should be considered a responsible party for the labor law violations of its franchises, the Corporation took steps toward compensating the workers, and working conditions have improved in their NYC franchises.
  • We will demand that Domino’s Corp. hire back workers fired in retaliation, and end sweatshop conditions in all of its franchises. We will also urge more workers to organize to change the law and make it harder for sweatshop bosses to use bankruptcy and closure to avoid their legal responsibilities.
  • We will increase the national reach of our Ain’t I a Woman?! Campaign to hold Reynold’s Group responsible for the long hours and other sweatshop conditions in their Pactiv factories. Women workers of a New Jersey Pactiv factory are leading the demand for an end to mandatory overtime to give workers the right to protect their health and their families from the toll of long work hours.

Making the Minimum-Wage Increase Real

We will strengthen the Coalition for a Real Minimum-Wage that we launched this year to demand that Governor Cuomo right the wrongs of the misdirected minimum-wage increase law that he signed this spring. We will organize workers and organizations throughout N.Y. State to demand that Cuomo: 1) increase the minimum wage immediately to at least $10 an hour and tie it to inflation; 2) include tipped workers in this increase; 3) strengthen enforcement of the law so that workers can actually receive the minimum wage; and 4) repeal his corporate subsidy that promotes age discrimination.

In New York City alone, workers are robbed of at least $1 billion in wage theft. And, even when they win a settlement or decision in court, workers cannot collect their owed wages because employers often fraudulently transfer assets or declare bankruptcy.

This year we will build a campaign as part of our Securing Wages Earned Against Theft (SWEAT) Coalition to call for stronger laws to enable workers to collect their owed wages, such as the bill introduced by Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal.

Working People Defining the Future of Our Community

This year, building upon our Lower East Side and Chinatown community’s clear rejection of the Bloomberg agenda of displacing low-income working families and enriching luxury developers, we will organize our community to demand that Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio support our People First Rezoning plan. This plan, conceived by our community of Latinos, Chinese, African American workers and small businesses, would help protect our community, and reverse the Bloomberg administration’s re-zoning and giveaways of public land to benefit the rich.

Whether taking on workplace problems or community displacement, NMASS is organizing workers to lead the charge—workers in restaurants, nail salons, factories and offices; and workers who are full-time parents and grandparents.

Please advance NMASS’s organizing work by making a generous donation this season!     



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