Saigon Grill Closes Amid Community-Wide Improvements In Working Conditions

  • Ex-workers fired for speaking out about bad conditions have been picketing the restaurant for over 2 years, along with the support of UWS residents, faith groups, community organizations, students and elected officials.
  • Former employees won a $1 million judgement against the restaurant for refusing to pay the debt from a previous settlement.

The victory at the Saigon Grill is a victory for all workers!

  • Working conditions across the neighborhood have been improving. Inspired by the struggle at the Saigon Grill, other workers from places like V&T Pizzeria, Land Thai, and Domino’s Pizza have spoken up against sweatshop conditions.
  • Winning the battle against sweatshop conditions at the Saigon Grill paved the way for Domino’s Pizza workers, who won a decision to include the Domino’s Corp. in their class-action law suit, to take the fight against exploitation all the way to the people at the top who benefit from it the most.
  • Shutting down the Saigon Grill sends a clear message to other bosses: 

Sweatshops cannot survive on the UWS!

Join Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal and the Justice Will Be Served! Campaign to demand:

Saigon Grill landlord pledge NOT to rent to another sweatshop boss and to EVICT any future restaurant owner that continues the legacy of sweatshop Saigon Grill owners by violating the labor law.

VICTORY RALLY           




Judge Slams New Saigon Grill Owner With $1 Million Judgment to Pay Its Debt to Workers

On February 11, State Supreme Court Judge Marcy Friedman ruled that the current owner of Saigon Grill must pay the 38 former employees over $1 million owed to them from the judgments against the former boss Simon Nget.

After Nget went to jail for fraudulent payroll records the new owners, Jiu Sheng Lin and Qiao Lin, purchased Saigon Grill’s 90th Street location in 2010 with the requirement that they would pay Nget’s debt to the workers. The Upper West Side community was led to believe that the Lins would run the business with better labor practices. Instead, the Lins fired the older workers and the younger workers who spoke out against their age discrimination practice. Furthermore, the restaurant fired the workers trying to unionize the delivery department.

Since November 2010, the fired workers and supporters have been picketing in front of Saigon Grill to demand justice. The determination of Saigon Grill workers has inspired many workers and residents. Many other workers have come forward to demand improved work conditions in dozens of establishments including Domino’s Pizza, Land Thai, Tomo, Sun Lee West, Gabriella’s and Aqua.

Workers and supporters continue to picket Saigon Grill 5 days a weeks and twice a day until the employer pays the judgment and rehires the fired workers.



Press Conference: Domino’s Corp, Take Responsibility Now!

We Demand Corporate Accountability from Domino’s Pizza
Wednesday, February 27 @ 12 noon
Domino’s Pizza, 464 3rd Avenue, at 32nd Street

Corporate giant Domino’s Pizza Corporation reaps nearly $2 billion every year. How? They repeatedly violate labor laws while hiding behind franchises to avoid paying for these crimes. Across the city, Domino’s Pizza franchises:

  • Refuse to pay minimum wage
  • Force employees to work overtime without pay
  • Push delivery workers out in hazardous weather and road conditions, even during the peak of Hurricane Sandy

Join us to demand:
Domino’s Pizza Corporation be held responsible for these crimes
Pay workers what they’re owed

Rehire the workers fired for speaking out.


Equal Rights for All Workers on May 1st!


We call on all workers to unite on May 1st to demand the federal government:

  • Stop attacking workers who assert their labor rights! Arrest the federal agents & prosecute them for their wrongdoings!
  • Ensure all workers the right to file a complaint with the government
  • Abolish the modern-day slave law, Employer Sanctions, to ensure equal rights for all workers regardless of immigration status

Documented and undocumented workers of Yes Car Service united to fight for better work conditions.

Together, they filed numerous complaints with gov’t agencies for their employer’s payroll & tax fraud, labor law violations, extortion, gang violence, and other illegal practices. Instead of putting Yes Car sweatshop boss Tony Luo behind bars, the federal government attacked the workers by arresting them on conspiracy charges.

Yes Car is an example of the government’s active attack on workers in the interest of bosses & corporations. Employer Sanctions Law is the tool used to divide workers, pitting immigrants and native-born against each other. If we cannot unite as working people, we are powerless to challenge the plummeting conditions in our workplaces and communities.

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Boycott the New Saigon Grill


Stop the Retaliation and Ensure Workers’ Right to Join the Union!  Stop the Age Discrimination and Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity!

Over the past few years, workers, students, and elected officials and residents of the Upper West Side community fought very hard to change work conditions. After a three-year battle, the delivery workers, illegally fired from Saigon Grill, won their backwages and forced the boss to give up his restaurants to pay for his wrongdoing.

The new owners of Saigon Grill, Qiao Lin and Bei Lin had promised to set a good example in the community and comply with labor laws, in order to get community support for their liquor license. But after they took over the restaurant they have only followed the sweatshop practices of the restaurant’s former owner, Simon Nget. The boss refused to employ servers and busboys with many years of experience, saying that they are “too old,” because they are over the age of 40. When other servers protested the discrimination, the boss fired them. When the delivery workers tried to form a union and continued to collectively manage and share their tips to prevent the bosses from taking their tips, the new owners threatened the workers and said, “whoever pools their tips will be fired.”  The owners then started to hire more delivery workers and cut the hours of workers who support the union to retaliate and prevent them from forming a union.

We protest and demand the new owners of Saigon Grill Restaurant:

  1. Stop the Retaliation and Ensure Workers’ Right to Join the Union
  2. Stop the Age Discrimination and Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity
  3. Rehire the Workers Discriminated and Retaliated Against
  4. Comply with the Labor Law; Don’t Touch Workers’ Tips

How can you do to support?

  1. Boycott the new Saigon Grill and spread the word to your co-workers, friends, and neighbors
  2. Join us on the picket line: Wednesdays through Sundays, 12:30-2:30 pm and 6-9 pm
  3. Donate to the JWBS! Campaign to support workers who are standing up for their rights! (You can send a check payable to the JWBS! Campaign c/o CSWA at P.O. Box 130401; NYC, NY 10013)
  4. Share your ideas and your show of support with us. Send us an email at or call  212.334.2333 or 212.358.0295.

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One Community. One Plan.


Lower East Side and Chinatown Unite to Decide Our Community’s Future

As part of the *Coalition to Protect Chinatown & the Lower East Side*, NMASS is leading the effort to protect this historic community for low- and moderate-income working people and small businesses.  Read more about our efforts by clicking the links below.