Boycott the New Saigon Grill


Stop the Retaliation and Ensure Workers’ Right to Join the Union!  Stop the Age Discrimination and Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity!

Over the past few years, workers, students, and elected officials and residents of the Upper West Side community fought very hard to change work conditions. After a three-year battle, the delivery workers, illegally fired from Saigon Grill, won their backwages and forced the boss to give up his restaurants to pay for his wrongdoing.

The new owners of Saigon Grill, Qiao Lin and Bei Lin had promised to set a good example in the community and comply with labor laws, in order to get community support for their liquor license. But after they took over the restaurant they have only followed the sweatshop practices of the restaurant’s former owner, Simon Nget. The boss refused to employ servers and busboys with many years of experience, saying that they are “too old,” because they are over the age of 40. When other servers protested the discrimination, the boss fired them. When the delivery workers tried to form a union and continued to collectively manage and share their tips to prevent the bosses from taking their tips, the new owners threatened the workers and said, “whoever pools their tips will be fired.”  The owners then started to hire more delivery workers and cut the hours of workers who support the union to retaliate and prevent them from forming a union.

We protest and demand the new owners of Saigon Grill Restaurant:

  1. Stop the Retaliation and Ensure Workers’ Right to Join the Union
  2. Stop the Age Discrimination and Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity
  3. Rehire the Workers Discriminated and Retaliated Against
  4. Comply with the Labor Law; Don’t Touch Workers’ Tips

How can you do to support?

  1. Boycott the new Saigon Grill and spread the word to your co-workers, friends, and neighbors
  2. Join us on the picket line: Wednesdays through Sundays, 12:30-2:30 pm and 6-9 pm
  3. Donate to the JWBS! Campaign to support workers who are standing up for their rights! (You can send a check payable to the JWBS! Campaign c/o CSWA at P.O. Box 130401; NYC, NY 10013)
  4. Share your ideas and your show of support with us. Send us an email at or call  212.334.2333 or 212.358.0295.

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