Bankrupt Domino’s Franchisee in New York To Pay $1.2 Million to 61 Pizza Deliverers

From Daily Labor Report: “The district court allowed Legal Aid to include corporate Domino’s, the franchisor, as a defendant based on the workers’ allegations that corporate Domino’s was involved in training local store owners, maintaining payroll data, and establishing policies that governed the workers’ working conditions, the Legal Aid Society statement said.”


LES & Chinatown Not For Sale Committee to de Blasio: Heed Supreme Court Decision on NYU Expansion

From our friends: The LES/Chinatown Not For Sale Committee press conference on Thursday, February 13th, on Delancey and Norfolk St. The committee applauds the NYS Supreme Court decision to block NYU from using public land to expand its campus. They call on De Blasio to ensure that any new development on public land is accountable to the needs of the Lower East Side and Chinatown community.


Saturday, 1/18, NMASS New Year Party

Let’s start the New Year celebrating our successes in 2013 and coming together for new victories in 2014!

**Bring your family and friends**

**Bring a dish or drink to share**

**We welcome donations**

Saturday January 18, 6pm-10pm

345 Grand St. Lower East Side. Train F to Delancey, D to Grand St.

For more info, call us at (212) 358-0295

Dec. 16 & 17: Call Gov. Cuomo and tell him we need a real min-wage increase NOW!

Cuomo’s Minimum-Wage Leaves Workers Out in the Cold

On December 31, 2013, some New Yorkers’ wages will go up to a measly $8/hour. But hundreds of thousands of tipped workers will be left out. Plus, NYS will begin giving tax subsidies to corporations like Walmart for hiring young workers, putting older workers at risk, and costing taxpayers up to $440 million over the next few years.