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Leadership & Membership

Leadership & Membership

NMASS relies on the time and energy of our dues-paying members and countless friends and supporters who lead and participate in our campaigns and educational and cultural projects. Our Board of Directors, composed of members and leaders from our various campaigns, is elected by our membership. The Board makes major decisions about the direction of the organization. Numerous committees led by members who also plan and carry out our fighting campaigns, cultural and social activities, educational projects and other activities. At different times some people have paid staff positions, where funds are availabe and if the Board feels it is appropriate and necessary for the development of individuals as organizers and leaders and for our organization. Much of the staff, however, is volunteer. Board members are not paid staff.

The NMASS Board:

NMASS is a membership organization of working people finding our common ground in the struggle to establish control over our health, time, work, communities and lives. Every two years dues-paying members elect a Board of Directors made up of leaders from among our ranks that will help make major directional decisions for the organization.

Current NMASS Board members are:

Carlos Rodriguez Herrera was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. Along with his co-workers and other workers, Carlos launched a successful campaign to make Domino’s Pizza Corp. accountable for the wage theft and other abuses in their franchises. He is a leader of the enforcement of labor laws campaign.
Efren Caballero is from Guerrero, Mexico. He is a leader of service and other workers, spearheading pickets demanding that the owners of Indus Valley restaurant their stolen wages, and that the government strengthen labor law enforcement.
Sophie DeBenedetto is from NY, NY and currently lives in Brooklyn and works as an instructor. She joined NMASS five years ago to fight together with other working people against sweatshop conditions. Now, she organizes for control of our time as a member of the Ain’t I A Woman?! campaign.
Hoon Kim was born in Korea and raised in Argentina. He is a Spanish instructor in New Jersey. Hoon first came to NMASS as a graduate student to work on video projects. He is now participating in the Ain’t I a Woman?! and Anti-displacement campaigns
Louise Velez is a lifelong resident of the Lower East Side. She is a caregiver to her grandchildren. She first joined NMASS because of the displacement policies of NYCHA that affected her and her family. She is now a leader of the People First Campaign and also organizes with home attendants.
Salomon Perez is from Chiapas, Mexico. He is a delivery worker who is a leader of the campaign for strengthening enforcement of labor laws. With his co-workers and other NMASS members, he organized pickets to hold the State Labor Department accountable for lax enforcement and to call for strengthening the labor law with the SWEAT bill.
Catalina Bernardez is from Honduras and works as a home attendant taking care of people who are unable to attend to themselves. She works with other home attendants to organize other workers to join together to fight against wage theft and to be able to get paid for the full 24 hours they work
Tosh Anderson lives with his family in Hell’s Kitchen and works as a nonprofit office worker. He participates in the Ain’t I a Woman?! and enforcement campaigns. He organized with other parents against the City’s attempt to prioritize luxury development over the health and safety of the community.
Yolanda Donato is mother and grandmother who has lived in the Lower East Side for almost five decades. She is a leader in the Ain’t I a Woman!? and People First campaigns. She recently forced NYCHA to make long due repairs in her apartment that was damaging her health and is organizing other residents to connect the lack of repairs with the larger displacement efforts pushed by luxury developers and encouraged by Mayor de Blasio.
 is from Guerrero, Mexico. He is a restaurant worker who is leading his co-workers to organize against the sweatshop practices of his boss and is working with other members in NMASS against wage theft. He is part of the Service Workers Committee and the enforcement campaign.
Elvia Fernandez is from Mexico and is a home attendant. She cares for sick people and became part of NMASS with other home health aides to fight against wage theft and mandatory over time. She is also a leader of our anti-displacement campaign


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