Membership Statement

I’m tired of long hours of overwork and underemployment; cheap-labor programs and unsafe conditions; and lack of recognition for such work as caring for one’s children or studying in school.

I will no longer stand by and allow my labor, loved ones, family, community and my health to be sacrificed to the global sweatshop system.

I will get together with others to build a movement for control over our time and our lives — the right to a 40-hour workweek at a living wage for all.

As an NMASS member, I’ll work with others to:

  • Build NMASS and bring our vision to more people and communities.
  • Use our talent and imagination to develop a new culture that unites working people.
  • Engage in fighting campaigns for our rights.
  • Provide leadership for the organization and for a new labor movement.

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$27.00 General Dues – 1 Year
$12.00 Hardship/Student Rate – 1 Year

To pay membership dues by check, make checks to “NMASS” and earmark them dues or donations. Please include
separate checks for dues and donations.

Mailing Address:
345 Grand Street #1E
NY, NY 10002