Stop Wage Theft

Wage theft became even more rampant during the pandemic, lending even more urgency to workers’ demand that the labor law be enforced (Pass SWEAT now!).

State-sanctioned wage theft in home care–According to 1199, $6 billion is owed to unionized home care workers in wage theft. Billions more are stolen from non-union agencies and those with other unions.

“During the pandemic, I was busboy, food preparer, did deliveries, and broke down cartons. I worked 52 hours a week, six days a week, for $50 per day. I’ve done delivery for three restaurants in the last 19 years and all three have stolen my wages. All my friends, coworkers, and family have had the same experience. We need to organize to stop this wage theft” -Octaviano Vazquez, who’s bringing together restaurant and other workers

NMASS is a proud member of the SWEAT Coalition