NMASS is organizing to stop wage theft, end the 24-hour workday, and protect our communities from displacement!

If you have workplace problems, are facing displacement, and want to fight alongside other workers who want more than just survive, come to our center or call us!

345 Grand Street, New York, NY, 10022
(212) 358-0295

Sunday – Friday 11am-6pm
Saturday Closed

We organize as workers: native-born & immigrant; documented & undocumented; from all backgrounds.

Now more than ever, people see the need to come together regardless of our race, immigration status, or type of work to fight the exploitation we face at the hands of the developers, sweatshop bosses, and corporate interests—aided by our government. We organize together in our workplaces and our neighborhoods to end the systemic racism and exploitation that gives rise to wage theft, 24-hour workdays, environmental racism and displacement. 

Your contribution supports a movement of working people who envision control in our workplaces and communities, and control of our time—demands that unify us across race, trade, nationality, and immigration status. It is thanks to supporters like you that for nearly 30 years we have continued organizing workers. 

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Recent Testimonials

“I couldn’t sleep when I worked 24 hours – maybe only 2 hours – because I had to give them medicine, or cook at midnight for the patient, or because I had to watch my patient all night because she would try to run away. I have an abdominal hernia due to the effort of moving my patient. I have high blood pressure from stress, and I can’t sleep.”

-Luz Estrella, organizer and home care attendant

“I have worked more than 20 years as a home attendant, always with SEIU 1199 agencies. I worked 15 years of 24-hour shifts, 4 and 5 days a week. One gets sick. I told my agency that I didn’t want to work anymore 24-hour shifts. The agency told me to resign.  Many of my co-workers feel pressured to agree to 24 hours to save their union health insurance. I organized with my fellow First Chinese Presbyterian home attendants to reclaim our years of stolen pay.”

– Alvaro Ramirez, organizer, Board member and  home attendant

“There is no kind of rest. I’m not working 24-hour shifts anymore. They wanted me but I said no. It’s such hard work. Patients are in danger.”

– Rafaela Urena, organizer and current home attendant