NMASS is organizing to stop wage theft, end the 24-hour workday, and protect our communities from displacement!

Do you have workplace problems or face displacement? Do you want to fight alongside workers?

Come to the NMASS workers’ center or contact us!

345 Grand Street, New York, NY, 10022
Sunday – Friday 11am-6pm | Closed on Saturdays

(212) 358-0295

We organize as workers: native-born & immigrant; documented & undocumented; from all backgrounds.

Now more than ever, people see the need to come together regardless of our race, immigration status, or type of work to fight the exploitation we face at the hands of the developers, sweatshop bosses, and corporate interests—aided by our government. We organize together in our workplaces and our neighborhoods to end the systemic racism and exploitation that gives rise to wage theft, 24-hour workdays, environmental racism and displacement. 

Your contribution supports a movement of working people who envision control in our workplaces and communities, and control of our time—demands that unify us across race, trade, nationality, and immigration status. It is thanks to supporters like you that for nearly 30 years we have continued organizing workers. 

Fighting the sweatshop nation newsletter

  • Join the Wednesday Picket at Swagat Restaurant
    Workers at Swagat Restaurant worked 80 hours per week making as little as $3.33/hour. Celebrated chef and owners Lala Sharma and Abishek Sharma pressured them to work harder and faster and owe them more than $1,000,000.00! Recently, because workers are organizing and successfully rallying the community to support a boycott of their businesses until they […]
  • NYC City Council Speaker Adams Is a Danger to Our Democracy
    Recently, immigrant women home care workers rallied at City Hall calling on Speaker Adams to bring to a vote a bill that would end the inhumane 24-hour workday. Adams attacked the Int 175 bill sponsor Christopher Marte for participating in a rally with the workers and community he represents rather than staying holed up inside […]
  • Workers invite all New Yorkers to join them on May 1st, 12 noon, outside City Hall, to stop racism, stop corruption and stop wage theft
    Last Friday, April 14th, home attendants wrapped up their rally and 3-day sit-in with a rousing denunciation of New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams’ refusal to end the racist violence of 24-hour shifts and to bring the No More 24 Act (Intro 175) to a vote.  The Speaker had responded to the workers’ demands […]


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